About MPEG
About MPEG

MPEG is a working group of ISO/ IEC with the mission to develop standards for coded representation of digital audio and video and related data. In order to accomplish its goal, MPEG holds meetings every 3 months where the MPEG professionals from all over the world can share the cutting edge solutions to MPEG.

The MPEG 120 Meeting will be held in Macau during 21st  to  27th October 2017. This one-week event not only provides a good opportunity for the MPEG professionals to exchange their ideas and build the international relationship, but also introduces the experts to Macau, a mixed-culture city with the name of "East Las Vegas".

Important Dates
Meeting Date 
21-27 October 2017  

Online Registration Deadline
27 October 2017

On-site Registration Date
20 October 2017

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